Frequently Asked Questions about Live-well OCCUsharp


1. What makes Live-well OCCUsharp unique?

Apart from containing 10.2mg of lutein, Live-well OCCUsharp also contains high potency of zeaxanthin (5mg per capsule).

2. How does Live-well OCCUsharp benefit the eyes?

Live-well OCCUsharp contains carotenoids antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin that help protect eyes against ultraviolet rays (UV) from intense sunlight as well as harmful blue lights from television, computer and tablet screens. Prolonged exposure to UV rays and harmful blue lights may cause excessive free radical damage to our eyes leading to blurry images, eye fatigue, reading difficulties and poor night-time vision. Taking Live-well OCCUsharp helps increase the concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin in the lens, retina and macula leading to healthier eyesight and sharper vision.

3. I spend long hours in front of the computer screen, playing games on my smartphone and watching television. Is Live-well OCCUsharp able to protect my eyes?

Digital devices includes computer, smartphones, tablets, LED and LCD televisions emit blue light, also known as high energy visible light. Blue light can penetrate deeply into our eyes, which is very harmful to our vision. Studies have shown that lutein and zeaxanthin can protect our eyes against harmful blue light. . Each Live-well OCCUsharp vegetable capsule contains concentrated Lutein (10.2mg) and Zeaxanthin (5.0mg) from standardized extracts of Marigold flower which is able to protect our eyes from blue light damage.

4. Can diet alone provide the same or similar amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidants as found in Live-well OCCUsharp?

No. Unfortunately, it would be difficult to obtain these amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin from any reasonable diet. Lutein and zeaxanthin are found together in dark green, leafy vegetables (eg. spinach), egg yolk, corn etc. but zeaxanthin in particular is usually present in very little amounts.

5. How does Live-well ensure the quality of Live-well OCCUsharp?

Live-well OCCUsharp is manufactured using only standardized herbal extracts to ensure that the finished product contains the exact amount of a plant’s biologically active compounds as stated on the label. A consistent amount of the active ingredient is the only way to guarantee the potency of the finished product.